IT Minister lays foundation to Sir Syed Technology Park

Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddique, Federal Minister for IT & Telecom has said that human history shows that the reason behind the existence of man is that he raises his voice against the odds. The man has been given the power of will and choice. His “will” and “commitment” paved way for the independent Pakistan. In our democratic process, power transfers from one government to another government, but not to the people.
There are aristocratic families occupying the assemblies. Feudal lords are representing farmers and industrialists are representing labours in the assemblies. No true representation of common people is there in the corridor of power. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan raised voice against this social injustice and took his nation out of ignorance through Aligarh Movement.
He was addressing the ceremony held by Sir Syed University at Education City to lay foundation to Sir Syed Technology Innovation Park of Sir Syed University Green Campus.
Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Federal IT Minister, said we are living in the era of 4th industrial revolution today. Over the past quarter century, digital technologies have become signature change agent in all aspects of our lives. Digital technologies have taken roots everywhere. I am glad to see that Sir Syed University features the development of cutting-edge new technologies in a broad array of emerging fields of science and engineering. This technology park will prove to be the game changer and it appears to be the step towards better tomorrow.
Speaking on the occasion, Chancellor Jawaid Anwar said, “It’s an era of technology and we didn’t updated us with modern technology, we will be left behind. Sir Syed University has been provided with “wifi” facility and modern entry/exit control system has been introduced on trial basis.”
He said that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan initiated Aligarh Movement for Muslims of the Subcontinent to make them aware of the importance of scientific education and established Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College in 1875, which is now acknowledged as Aligarh Muslim University.

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