It is Not Proxy War, Rawat

EVER since the freedom movement has taken a new turn in occupied Kashmir after the martyrdom of Burhan Wani, the Indian civil and military leaders are incessantly spitting venom and have launched vilification campaign against Pakistan. On Friday again, new Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat directly alleged Pakistan of waging a proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir- the accusation that is not even bought in his own country where people belonging to different segments of society including political leaders, intellectuals and journalists themselves admit that the latest movement is not Pakistan driven but rather principally indigenous in nature.
There is no denying the fact that the incumbent Indian leaders are resorting to such statements in order to hide their own failure and divert the attention of their own people and that of the world from the real and longstanding issue of Kashmir. But given the current nature of freedom movement in occupied Kashmir where the educated youth has now taken to the roads for their rights, Indian authorities will be mistaken if they consider that they will be able to suppress the voice of Kashmiri people with brute use of force as it has not succeeded in the past seventy years and will not yield any results for them in future as well. In addition, the Indian army chief in his statement again threatened Pakistan of surgical strikes. In last September, the Indian side had claimed of carrying out a surgical strike in Pakistan but the whole world knows that this was limited to mere words and had no truth in it. With such tactics, India must understand that it cannot bow down Pakistan as its armed forces and the nation are fully capable to defend every inch of their homeland. India has also seen its manifestation with the shooting down of its drone on the border and the retreat of its submarine close to Pakistani waters. Instead of indulging in blame game and war mongering, maturity and sagacity warrants that the Indian leadership engage in a comprehensive dialogue with Pakistan for resolution of all lingering disputes so that the people of this region could also see the dawn of peace and prosperity in their lives.

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