It is not mid-90, it is 2016

ADDRESSING a public gathering on the occasion of party’s 20th Foundation Day, PTI Chairman Imran Khan mainly focused on ouster of the incumbent Government than disseminating his vision of a prosperous Pakistan. He once again coined the slogan of ‘Go Nawaz Go, and threatened to come on roads if Commission of his choice was not formed.
PTI or for that matter any other opposition party has legitimate right to agitate the issues arising out of Panama Leaks and demand actions to eliminate corruption. In fact, by doing so they would not only be doing self-service but also serve the cause of good governance in the country, which every party claims to believe in and is working for. In the first place, corruption is a termite eating into very fabric of the society and therefore, all those who contribute towards its elimination need to be appreciated. But it must also be remembered that there should be no discrimination in action against corruption and the corrupt and the process should be across the board without any exceptions. The demand of Imran Khan that the Prime Minister should be probed first and others in the latter stage is devoid of sanity and speaks volumes about his mindset. Isn’t it aimed at shielding some of the influential people around him? Corrupt is corrupt no matter whether he is in PML(N) or PTI or PPP. Why to target the Prime Minister when there was no direct mention of his person in Panama Leaks? Secondly, the proposition to wrap up the system in the name of fight against corruption merits no consideration at all and we are sure people of Pakistan would reject the idea forthwith and with the contempt it deserves. This is because it is not mid-90s when politics of see-saw and long and short marches were used as pretexts to send elected governments packing. Wisdom has dawned on people of Pakistan who firmly believe that the democratic system must continue despite its short-comings and flaws, which can be overcome with the passage of time and purges through regular elections. We must also remember that corruption was of monumental and proverbial magnitude during tenure of PPP but Mian Nawaz Sharif-led PML(N) demonstrated maturity and far-sightedness not to rock the boat just for the sake of lust for power. The patience shown by the party was paid in the form of its victory during 2013 elections and the PPP was pushed into darkness by voters because of its corruption and dismal performance. We would also urge Imran Khan to demonstrate maturity and wait for the next elections in 2018, as people would not support his illogical demand of sending the Government home to pave the way for his crowning.

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