It had to happen!



M. Ziauddin

Trumpism is a natural offspring of 9/11. It was hatched last November after having been kept in a state of incubation for almost 15 years. It was the global terrorism which had kept this incubation progressing until it had begotten a ‘Crusading’ president in the US.
What happened on 9/11 in the US was a horrendous crime. But instead of dealing with this horrific act as a global crime committed by some misguided youth, mostly Arabs, the then US President George W Bush tried to tackle it in the immediate run, as what he had called in the first flush of his response as a ‘Crusade’ against what he self-perceived as act of Muslim militancy.
It did not take him long to realize that the use of the term ‘Crusade’ for what he considered to be an attack on ‘Christian-white US’ by Islamic terrorists would deny him the global support that he thought he needed to succeed in his ‘Crusade’.
The crusades were a series of holy wars called by popes with the promise of indulgences for those who fought in them and directed against external and internal enemies of Christendom for the recovery of Christian property or in defense of the Church or Christian people.
The first crusade was launched by Pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont in 1095. There is controversy over the last crusade. The “Traditionalists” believe the crusades ended in 1291 with the fall of the last crusader castle of the Latin Kingdom, the city of Acre (on the northern coast of present-day Israel). The non-traditionalists, however believe the crusades ended with the Spanish Armada of 1588.
Crusades were characterized by the taking of vows and the granting of Papal indulgences to those who participated. Like going on pilgrimage, to which they were often likened, crusading was an act of Christian love and piety that compensated for and paid the penalties earned by sin. It marked a break in earlier Christian medieval conceptions of warfare in that crusades were penitential warfare. Crusades combined the ideas of: a) Holy War and b) and Pilgrimage to produce the concept of “indulgence” (remission of penance and/or sin granted by papacy for participation in sacred activity). Crusades were mostly fought in Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Spain, the Baltic (Latvia and Prussia), Italy, Sicily, and southern France.
Naturally for the Western secularists of the post Enlightenment era who had become the cultural leaders of their societies the term ‘Crusade’ had become anathema. So President Bushrealizing that he needed the global support on his side to fight his ‘Crusade’ replaced the term with the term ‘global terrorism’.
With the US Commander-in-Chief’s ‘Crusading’ mind-set the US invaded Iraq on the fraudulent pretext that Saddam Hussain possessed what Bush called the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) that were supposed to include nuclear and chemical arsenals of death and destruction. And after having destroyed the country’s administrative planks and revitalizing its tribal and sectarian hostilities, Bush withdrew his troops from Iraq announcing what he called ‘victory’ leaving Iraq to be consumed by a never ending civil-war involving various sects of Islam blood-thirsty of each other.
In Afghanistan President Bushhad focused more on locating Osama bin Laden than using the US presence and global aid for reconstructing, reconciling and rehabilitating the war-ravaged country. As a result instead of the country getting redesigned as a democratic one which was what the successive US administrations said was their goal, it has now become even more tribal, more ethnic and more sectarian with Taliban having had the time to regroup and rejuvenate. This in turn forced President Bush’s successor President Obama to keep on postponing the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan but failing miserably still to defeat the Taliban.
Today, because of the ‘Crusading’ mind-set of the US establishment, a legacy of Bush era which the Obama’s eight years could not jettison because the real government in Washington would not let the man who had won a Nobel Peace Prize even before entering the White House to close down the infamous Guantanamo Prison. And while the first colored President of the US was trying his level best to introduce some kind of sanity in his country’s foreign policy, the establishment crusaders remained busy in changing regimes in the Muslim Middle East. As a result Syrians and Libyans are today engulfed in the bloodiest chapters of their respective histories.
In fact because of the US ‘Crusading’ policies the entire Muslim world is today in total disarray divided on tribal, ethnic and sectarian lines. And in reaction to the US ‘Crusade’ the Daesh which succeeded Al-Qaeda, has declared its own ‘Crusade’ against the US and Europe. Daesh, which thrives on an obscurantist interpretation of Islam, seems bent upon destroying the values of the West and Europe through terrorism.
Meanwhile, there has emerged a more immediate reason for the increasing antipathy of white Europeans and Americans towards Muslims as globalization driven jobbers from developing Muslim countries have been arriving in the US and Europe by the thousands.
Perhaps, had those who arrived in the rich developed countries looking for jobs confined themselves to attending to their own economic well- being and contributing to the prosperity of their host countries, the hostility of the white citizens would not have turned into what is now being seen in the person of President Trump of the US, Victor Orban of Hungary, Jimmie Akesson of Sweden, Filip Dewinter of Belgium, Nigel Farage of UK, Geert Wilders of Netherlands, Matteo Salvini of Italy, Golden Dawn of Greece and Marrine and her Father Jean-Marie Le Pen of France. Parties led by these leaders focus primarily on a perceived threat from Islam.
And to be fair to these ultra-right political parties some of us who went to these prosperous countries looking for jobs taking advantage of the basic values of these societies like freedom to practice one’s religion and non-interference from the respective states in the cultural taboos and dogmas these Muslims immigrants practiced, also took upon themselves to challenge the values and laws of these countries even demanding the establishment of Sharia law and insistence on freedom to enjoy their own cultural dress codes.
Perhaps even that would have been excused in societies that had put all their faith in basic human rights and individual freedom. But a handful of us went overboard under the influence of Al-Qaeda and Daesh and tried on their own to use on a number of occasions the same terror tactics (that are employed by these two misguided terror organizations to terrorize Muslims in their own countries to follow their kind of Islam) to force the host countries to give up their cultural values abandon the laws of their lands.
Despite outsourcing of many well -paid jobs to the relatively less developed countries, the exodus of manpower from the poor to rich countries has continued unabated. And the situation, meanwhile, has been aggravated by the current refugee problem that was created by the rich countries themselves by following President George Bush’s policy of ‘Crusade. So the advent of Trumpism. This had to happen!

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