Issue of Triple Talaq

COUNCIL of Islamic Ideology (CII) has called for the implementation of its recommendations on Triple Talaq, a practice that has been recently banned by Indian Supreme Court. According to its new Chairman, Dr Qibla Ayaz, the Council will also lobby in Parliament to ensure that the government implements its recommendations. One of the key recommendations that the Council wants to implement is making three divorces at a time a punishable offence.
It is worthwhile that the issue is being highlighted in its true perspective now when a similar decision by Indian Supreme Court has widely been acclaimed not by Muslims in India but other countries as well. There is no doubt that divorce occurs even if one utters the word ‘Talaq’ thrice in quick succession but this impulsive action often becomes remorse for families and couples for rest of life. In fact, there are many other flaws in the family laws, which need to be reformed and strengthened to protect rights of girls and women, who often become victim to exploitation by the male dominated society. There are instances when husbands uttered word ‘Talaq’ over telephone or verbally and refused to give written divorce as per requirements of the law just to punish the wife so that she is not able to re-marry for rest of her life. Not all families can approach courts and get justice and no one knows how many women are suffering from such agonies. Like the issue of Triple ‘Talaq’ there are many good recommendations of CII but unfortunately Parliament is sitting over them since long and not legislating them as per constitutional requirements. We hope this issue would get priority attention of the legislators in view of existing ground realities.

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