Issue of littering in Rawalpindi

Nauman Tariq

Rawalpindi is one of the liveliest places of Pakistan. The city which was developed before partition and yet has unexplained beauty in terms of colourful shops, clothing etc. The city is small and congested; instead of taking care of our city, it’s getting polluted, starting from Pandora (entrance to Rawalpindi) we can see garbage being dumped just by roadside, empty plots, outside shops and this has continued covering major areas of Rawalpindi e.g. Banni, Moti Bazaar, Saddar, Fawara Chowk, College Road etc.
As a Pakistani nation, we need to start an initiative to keep our city clean; it’s our utmost duty to take care of the surroundings. I therefore, request the Pakistani nation, to not pollute your city we are born to this land it’s our duty to keep it clean, plus if we start an initiative that people who’ll dump would be charged I hope the issue of littering would reduce considerably.

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