Israel raids Gaza again

SITUATION in Gaza is again flaring up with Israel using aircrafts to hit the innocent Palestinians Over the decades, Israel is using brute military force against Palestinians and ironically the international community has only acted as a silent spectator on the plight of these oppressed people. We salute the courage of Palestinians who against heavy odds have not bowed before the oppressors and continuing struggle to get their land freed from the occupying forces.
The situation however warrants that international community, particularly the US, should impress upon Israel to stop its oppressive tactics and end its nearly half century occupation of Palestinian land as failure to do so would further destabilise the region which is already facing a vicious cycle of terror. In fact the just and comprehensive solution of this lingering dispute is imperative to bring lasting peace in the Middle East. To achieve this goal major capitals, particularly Washington which claims to be the flag bearer of human rights, would have to play a more serious and concerted role. In fact, we have not seen any important step on the part of the US for the resolution of this outstanding conflict except serving and shielding Israeli interests. Though the Camp David meetings were conducted in the past yet these too failed to yield any thing positive because of the Israeli intransigence. In those talks, the Palestinian leadership rightly demanded full sovereignty of entire West Bank and the Gaza Strip as it is their land and they had already compromised much land to Israel but the Israeli prime minister did not agree to the idea as he wanted to maintain some kind of control on these territories. As the situation is again worsening in the territory with Israel resorting to brute use of force, there is need to check the situation on immediate basis bringing the two sides closer for fruitful negotiations. The UN should also not remain sidelined in the conflict rather adopt a more proactive role and compel Israel to pursue the course of peaceful settlement.

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