Isloos experience hottest day of this summer, rain forecast on Monday

Residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad experienced the hottest day of this summer on Sunday with mercury touching 44øC confining people indoors without extreme emergency.
However, Met office has given a good news of significant rain spell with gusty winds in upper and central parts of the country from Monday evening to Wednesday followed by week currents of the weather system throughout the week.
Talking to APP an official of Met office Rashid Bilal said day temperature on Monday is expected to remain high but a weather system will enter in the country causing shower in upper areas of the country including twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, resulting in dropping the mercury giving relief to especially fasting people.
He informed that the rain spell would expand to central and plain areas of the country on Tuesday which would likely to prolong till Wednesday, adding that it would weak after the three days but the currents of weather system would continue the whole next week.
The weather system will drop the temperature which would reduce the heat intensity, he said, adding the mercury may raise afterwards but till now it is the hottest day of the current season.
On Sunday people stayed at homes and remained busy in indoor activities to avoid heat effects.
Physicians have also advised masses to take precautionary measures by covering their heads while going outdoor and increase the intake of liquids after “Iftar” for keeping the body’s balance normal.—APP

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