Islamic military alliance

Umar Khalid Dar
Manchester, UK

Gen Raheel Sharif has been appointed as the commander-in-chief of the Islamic Military Alliance (IMA). I am delighted to hear that and want to congratulate him. Meanwhile I also want to remind him that his stint as Chief of one of the best Armies in the world has been marvellous and people of Pakistan will be looking anxiously at his achievements on his new post. I think he has two tasks at hand and if he succeeds in moving in the right direction, he has the chance to become the hero of Muslim World. The two issues are Palestinian and Kashmir issue.
The issues revolve around two nations which are both enemies of Islam and Pakistan; Israel and India. Both the states have occupied the Muslim lands with force and are committing human atrocities against the Muslim populations. The United Nation has tried to intervene on both the issues but has failed miserably, the reasons are well known. So it is time that Muslim world should take matters in their hands and try to resolve the issues once for all. The IMA, though at present, doesn’t have armies at its disposal but it is the step in the right direction and with dynamic leadership of Gen Raheel Sharif, the Muslim world wishes to see another Salah-ud-din Ayubi who can get them out of the clutches of non-Muslims.

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