Islamic banking is high on NBP’s agenda: Saeed Ahmad


National Bank of Pakistan developing new products, services

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Saeed Ahmad, CEO & President of National Bank of Pakistan has declared that Islamic banking is high on NBP’s agenda with new products and services being developed to tap in to the potential this segment offers. The bank wishes to turn Aitemad, Pakistan’s 3rd largest Islamic Bank in terms of network, into a leading name.
This he said during his visit to Bahawalpur and Multan to participate in town hall meetings in a bid to boast employee morale. The theme of his speech was based upon the importance of building relationships with employees for organizational growth.
NBP President said that his bank is also pushing ahead with its branchless banking agenda in a bid to bridge the divide between the banked and unbanked segments as per State Bank of Pakistan’s vision
“At NBP, employee well-being is highly valued, and we understand the correlation between employee happiness and customer satisfaction, which translates in to overall organizational success. For this purpose, NBP shall be launching a host of employee welfare initiatives during this year.” Saeed Ahmad stated during the town hall in Bahawalpur. “Moreover, the ongoing restructuring is being carried out to empower our field staff, enable relationship building between line managers and subordinates, and strengthen customer service. These endeavors will inculcate a reward culture throughout the organization, which inevitably will propel NBP to a leadership position within the industry.”
Saeed Ahmad, after assuming charge as NBP’s President and CEO has embarked on the journey of continuous relationship building with field functionaries through conferences, focus group sessions and town hall meetings. These sessions serve as a platform to identify and resolve issues being faced by the field staff, while forming a stronger bond between controlling and field offices, and boosting employee morale.
Saeed Ahmad’s visit to Bahawalpur held great significance for employees, as it was the first time ever that NBP’s serving President and CEO visited the city. Apart from holding a town hall meeting, the President also inaugurated a new building for one of NBP’s Bahawalpur branches.
The President and CEO used the occasion to also provide a vision for the bank, and the larger banking industry. He mentioned that NBP realizes the importance of Bahawalpur and Multan as emerging economies and is willing to assist people in profiting from the immense opportunities these cities provide in industrial, SME and agriculture segments.
NBP is a learning organization and places high importance on learning and development amongst its employees as competition is getting tougher, hence out of the box thinking is the key to success. Specialized training programs have been initiated across all grade and job functions for employees to learn new skills and translate learning into practice for organizational success.

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