Islamabad police to create halting points to curb crime


Staff Reporter

Islamabad Police have decided to create halting points to control crime in the city with focus to curb car snatching, street crime and theft incidents. At these halting points, more than 50 vehicles will be deployed to keep an eye over suspicious persons and vehicles to curb the crime and criminal activities. These halting points will work in various timings in the city and their locations can be changed in various timings, police source told media here on Wednesday. He said police pickets have been also erected in various areas of the city which are working round the clock. He said exit and entry points of Islamabad will be also cordoned off randomly along with other places at different venues and times. In order to prevent street crime within the ICT, he said interior ministry has directed Islamabad Police to adopt pro-active policy. He said patrolling system within ICT has been revamped and pairs of Falcons Eagle Motorcycle along with commando vehicles will be deployed which will work in three shifts for surveillance and crimes prevention. Besides SHO’s of all police stations within ICT have been strictly directed to utilize their mobiles as well as staff from Rescue-15 to curb this menace.
Police source said the federal capital has been divided into various beats and experienced officers have been deputed in each beat to watch the activities of suspects. As a part of effective policing, he said number of surveys have been carried out within ICT to ascertain the population dwelling in Kachi Abadies (slum areas) to further improve law and order in the federal capital.

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