Islamabad needs major face-lifting

EVER SINCE assumption of office as Minister of State for Capital Administration and Development Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhary, elected to the National Assembly from Islamabad, has taken a number of appreciable steps to improve life of citizens of the capital and bring about major changes in its overall landscape. After achieving success in improving conditions of almost all schools of the Capital with the active guidance of Maryam Nawaz, he is reportedly working on a number of projects in roads, health, education, entertainment and housing sectors.
All this is heartening as Islamabad is the Federal Capital where a number of foreign missions are working and foreign delegations descend at its airport on almost daily basis. As against other major cities of the country, Islamabad is a planned city but unfortunately due to master plan violations and political influences and interferences, the city is now facing problems of traffic congestions, sanitation, drinking water, lack of entertainment facilities and decent modes of transportation and travel. A former Chairman of the Capital Development Authority Kamran Lashari made a mark by planning and constructing several interchanges, several avenues and landscaping of prominent places. However, afterwards, the development of the capital remained neglected and some progress began during era of the present Government when work was initiated on expansion and improvement of Islamabad Expressway. But much needs to be done to resolve problems of citizens of Islamabad and to make it a model for other cities to follow. Presently, things are manageable in the Capital but it would be difficult to do so after a few years as its population is rapidly growing and it is becoming axis of a number of social, cultural, political and diplomatic activities. We would, therefore, propose that a comprehensive programme should be devised for face-lifting of the Capital by way of provision of entertainment facilities, recreation places, installation of chair-lifts, expansion of zoo, its transformation as signal-free city, modern system of garbage collection and cleaning besides replacement of faulty water and sewerage lines and establishment of quality health and educational facilities.

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