Islamabad Club bars two ‘low profile’ golfers from availing facilities

Class discrimination continues to prevail in city’s club for elites
Zubair Qureshi

In a shocking revelation, it has been found out that the Islamabad Club has stopped two of its members (players of the golf) from availing the club’s dining, housing and other facilities because of the fact they are from lower background. A petition has been filed by the two golf players Shabbir Hussain and Azhar Hussain Bukhari the professional golfers, winners of many tournaments in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) that Islamabad club administration has put an embargo on them and now they cannot use its facilities. “This is nothing but class discrimination,” said they in the petition revealing the club administration has done so because they started their career in low profile and belonged to humble background.
It may be mentioned that the Islamabad Club is considered a club for the elites of the city and is out of bounds for a common man.
It may be mentioned here that Shabbir Hussain remained Pakistan’s number one golf champion for 18 years and won 10 gold medals, and Syed Azhar Hussain Shah Bukhari, won three gold medals. They have alleged before the IHC that all of a sudden their entry to the club was barred due to their low social status.
Among the two one Azhar Bukhari had started his career in Islamabad club as a ball boy and then as caddy.
Justice Aamer Farooq of the IHC issued notices to the Islamabad club administrator, secretary Islamabad club golf course (ICGC) and federation through ministry of CADD seeking reply till September 28.
Azhar Bukhari adopted before the court that he joined ICGC as ball boy in 1981 and then served as caddy from 1989 till 1995.
Thereafter petitioner started his career as qualified coach. Petitioner then received professional training from USA and in 2004 he was awarded permanent membership of ICGC.

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