Islam vs sectarianism

Naveed Taj

There is no denying the fact that Muslim’s had been divided into many sects. This concept is putting many adverse effects on the people’s mind who are totally confused that which sect they should follow. In addition, followers of every sect believe that only they are right .owing to this, every sect’s followers have deep resentment against other sects. According to many scholars; there are 73 sects consequently 72 sects will go to hell only one sect will be granted heaven.
Certainly, the real way of Islam we have forgotten due to sectarianism. Thus, peace has changed to violence, understanding has changed to scolding and the reason to lies. I strongly believe that we have lost the real Islam; in fact thousands of people have been killed in the name of sectarianism. There is no need to say that Muslims are brothers to each other because of sectarianism they are the murderers of each other. To sum up, I request Muslims scholars and every believer of Islam to protect Islam from sectarianism.

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