Islam teaches to serve humanity: Askari

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Interim Chief Minister Punjab Dr. Hasan Askari has said that Allah Almighty has created the man to help fellow human beings and the religion of Islam also teaches us to serve the humanity and provide comfort to them in distress.
In his message on World Humanitarian Day, he said that the purpose of celebrating this day is to create awareness about importance of love with human beings and we should praise the services of individuals and institutions who work for the welfare of fellow human beings at individual and collective level.
He said humanitarianism demands that we discharge the responsibility of serving the human fellow human beings without any personal benefit and advantage. He said this is the responsibility of every individual of the society that to serve the human beings because it gives comfort and peace.
He said every human being should help their fellows for peaceful and productive society and even in the current age of conflicts there is no shortage of the people who serve their fellow beings selflessly and those who serve the fellow human beings are the pride of humanity. He said that on this day we should renew our resolve that we will encourage all those who serve the humanity.
Interim Chief Minister Punjab, Dr. Hasan Askari, has directed the administrations, solid waste management companies and concerning departments across the province to make excellent cleanliness arrangements on Eid ul Azha. He said cleanliness arrangements should also be made in cattle markets and proper planning should be made before the Eid to dispose of animal waste during Eid holidays.
He said that all concerning departments, officers and staff of solid waste management companies should stay in the field during Eid holidays and take practical measures for the cleanliness. He said all out resources should be used for this purpose because the provision of clean environment is the responsibility of the concerning departments of the government and they should work actively and swiftly respond to the public complaints. He said inspection of swings in parks should also be done before the Eid because people visit recreational places on Eid in large number and government is responsible for the safety of their lives.

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