Is this religious apartheid?

US President Donald Trump Friday signed one of the most controversial executive orders to suspend refugee arrivals and impose tough new controls for visitors from seven Muslim countries Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The move rightly drew a chorus of criticism not only from different countries but also within the US where people described it as xenophobic.
Hitherto, the US has remained an open country accommodating nationals of different countries without any discrimination of colour, creed and religion but Trump’s move targeting seven Muslim countries, we believe, will have major diplomatic repercussions and further worsen perception of Americans in the Muslim world. In a tit for tat move Tehran, while terming Trump’s order as insulting, has announced to ban Americans entering the country. Reacting to the harsh measures including that of construction of wall along the Mexican border, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani very pertinently mentioned that it is not time to create distance amongst nations but to build peaceful co-existence. Given the challenge thrown up by militants and terrorists, one indeed cannot overemphasize the significance of close and cordial relations amongst people of different faiths in order to foil the evil designs of terrorists who in fact have no religion but are bent upon spilling the blood of innocents. By linking terrorism to Islam, Trump in fact is doing a favour to the agenda of terrorists who want to paralyse the world by creating division on the basis of religion. Trump should also understand that those visiting his country also include students with ambitious goals for higher education and depriving these youth, especially from war torn countries, to carve out a better future for themselves and their motherlands will only bolster anti-US sentiments and offer a propaganda boost to terrorists. We, therefore, will urge the new US president to revisit his policy of ‘religious apartheid’ and rather embrace and take along the Muslim countries in order to make this world a cradle of peace.

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