Is it the truth..!

I attended a meeting of the Round Table last night. I was a tabler once and enjoyed every year of my being one, and am not one now because of the age rule of retiring when you are forty. The meeting started with the Aims and Objects of the Round Table being recited by all the members present.
This was a new one on me, as in the old days, someone in the group read it out and the others listened.. Obviously the present chairman felt that with everybody saying it, it would have a deeper impact on the members. Kudos to him.
But, does it? I watched the others as they recited the lines., ‘to encourage active and responsible citizenship by cultivating the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions.’Did the members really know what they were saying? Did they realise that they were taking an oath to build themselves up to be active, yes active not passive men and women for the country?
That meant they would not just take interest in issues that concerned themselves but get involved in the nation. That they would cultivate high standards in their business, professional and civic lives! I watched them as they repeated the lines and wondered how many of them was really interested in what he was saying.
I remember years back, my friend Ramesh who was also a Round Tabler like me. He had had a raw deal in an advertising firm, but had got a better job. “Why haven’t you joined your new company?” I asked him. “I won’t till they pay the last of the employees in my old firm” he said. I know there were a lot of us who felt that he was being silly. I know there are also a number of us who wonder why people like Arundhatti Roy stand up for issues!
They are cultivating their highest ideals in responsible citizenship..! If you have a friend who is a Rotarian, you will see a little plaque on his desk or his calendar, on his letterheads, diaries, and wherever he can shove those sentences in. Its called the four way test. Thankfully they don’t recite it at every meeting. The four way test asks four questions about the things we say and do.
Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? Armed with such powerful aims and objects what has become of us as a country? I don’t know what words you repeat everyday. But start acting on them. Words are powerful and inject dynamic thoughts into your mind but they have to influence action or become useless rituals. Stop repeating mantra’s and chants, if you don’t act them through..!

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