Is Indo-Pak war imminent under Modi?

Shabana Syed

The Uri Attacks did not as Prime Minister Modi predicted “isolate Pakistan” rather it highlighted the atrocious sufferings of the Kashmiri people under Indian rule. After the Uri incident, Russian forces arrived in Pakistan to hold joint military drills, while Indonesia offered Pakistan defence equipment, Iran, China, the OIC ,Turkey and Nepal have all showed support for Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir. However the threats to ‘isolate’ Pakistan should not be taken lightly as this is what US and Israel has been trying to do especially after 9/11. Now Israel’s man is finally in charge of India, one of the first steps of ‘isolation’ would be to target Pakistan economically. Using the Uri attacks India has declared that it will be boycotting the upcoming SAARC meeting in Islamabad and Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Bhutan have also declared they will be following India.
Modi’s message to Pakistanis directly was “your rulers are misleading you over Kashmir” and “a day will come when the People of Pakistan will go against its own government to fight terrorism”. His message to the Pakistanis was an attempt to show the world that he was not a war monger and tolerant. However he cannot expect to be taken seriously with a bloody history behind him or disguise the fact that intolerance in India has reached sky high under him and the Hindu fundamentalists.
Straight after the Uri attacks Pakistani actor’s like Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan, who are working in India were threatened with a ‘beating’ and told to leave the country in 48 hours while the same mob reached India’s top Producer Karan Johar’s house protesting about a film he made depicting Muslim characters. Narendra Modi’s boast to Pakistanis that ‘India exports software while Pakistan exports terrorists’ is comical as internationally he is known as the ‘butcher of Gujurat’ and was banned from travelling to the US for many years.
According to investigations Modi like ‘Emperor Nero’ in 2002 had sat back and watched Gujarat burn while the massacre of thousands of Muslims took place. William Dalrymple in Narendra Modi: Man of the Masses writes how on 27th February a party of Hindu activists burned to death in a train due to a malfunctioning gas cylinder. Modi without evidence said it was a Pakistani Muslim conspiracy and “had the burned bodies of the Hindutva activists paraded around Ahmadabad while he made a series of incendiary speeches”. He also allowed the Hindu militants with axes and knives to attack the residence of Congress MP Ehsan Jafri and when Jafri rang Modi for help according to Jafri’s widow “Modi taunted her husband and expressed surprise that he was still alive”.
Israel and Zionist neo cons have been desperate to not only infiltrate India but get it fully on board in order to reshape the New World Order into balkanised states on ethnic and religious lines. The map of a redrawn and divided region including Pakistan introduced in 2006 by US Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters is sitting in the Pentagon, a place ‘Israel Firsters’ control.
During the recent New York meeting between Modi and Netanyahu Iran’s non existence, according to IAEA, nuclear programme was one of the first topics discussed. However the destruction of Iran after Syria cannot take place until Pakistan is destabilised and its nuclear capabilities neutralised, something the CIA, Mossad and RAW have been working on since Pakistan became a nuclear power. India’s former Foreign Minister Natwar Singh in his autobiography ‘One Life is not Enough’ says that CIA agents have “penetrated deep into every sphere of decision and policy making” in the Indian government.
Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion stated on 1967 that the destruction of Pakistan is imperative: “The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological state is a threat to our existence. …..Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian Peninsula are Hindus, whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims. Therefore, India is the most important base for us to work from against Pakistan. “ In 2001 RAW and Mossad unleashed the codenamed ‘Dragon Policy’ aimed at causing chaos and destruction of Pakistan economically, militarily and socially. The 9/11 tragedy had provided both India and Israel with a perfect opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of the War on Terror and convince the world that Kashmiri and Palestinian freedom fighters are terrorists.
A Guardian newspaper report highlighted Indian army atrocities on the Kashmiri people which Modi would love the world to believe as lies: With an estimated over 100,000 deaths of Kashmiris, the region is one of the most militarised places on earth, with more than half-a-million Indian troops deployed there. Human Rights Lawyer Pervaz Imroz argues that Pakistan has welcomed the UNHRC while India has denied the organisation access to Kashmir to investigate the disappearance and torture of thousands of kashmiris
One also wonders to what extent Mossad helped Modi rise to power. Apparently Modi had already made a trip to Israel when he was Chief Minister of Gujurat in 2001 and during that trip had suggested that “as the possible next prime minister he could make history by journeying to the Jewish State”. Israel initially supported the economic growth of Gujarat under Modi by bringing in major investors and this resulted in pushing out small businesses, farmers and fishermen. According to many Indians Modi has made economic progress in the country, what is not being mentioned is that only the elite classes are benefitting. Most of India is still feudal, with most poor Indians living below the poverty line. According to Tel Aviv’s Institute for National Security Studies, Modi has been described as “very direct, very Israeli.” Apparently Special squads from Mossad and MI5 had been dispatched to Turkey to the G20 summit last year to shield Prime Minister Modi, The Times of India had reported.
Also it appears that APCO Worldwide, a PR Company which is formed of ex Mossad intelligence officials linked to the Whitehouse whose expertise is making sinners look like saints, have been handling Modi’s election campaign. Needless to say APCO are part of the Rothschild’s who through their East India Company had colonised and plundered India for nearly 400 years and now it appears through Modi are back to do the same.
In the meantime Modi will play cat and mouse games with Pakistan, keeping up the pressure to isolate and destabilise the country and weaken Russia China and Asian countries alliances formed through organisations like SAARC and the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor. It appears as the Pakistan Army is the only institution trying to save the country, as it’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is ducking and diving as he has lucrative business deals with India plus there is the question of his sugar mill plant apparently also based in India. The great General Hamid Gul who died last year had been sidelined by Pakistan’s ruling parties and the western media because he spoke the truth. General Gul said:
“ Mossad is very active in Pakistan and they are providing all the guidance and technical support to the Indian intelligence. So, Pakistan has to have its back covered – no country can fight on two fronts.”
— The writer is a journalist based in London, UK.

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