IS flag controversy

UNIDENTIFIED people on Sunday were able to put up so-called Islamic State (IS or Daesh) flag at Islamabad Expressway near Iqbal Town, Islamabad. Police removed the flag and said a case would be registered under Section 11-G of the Anti-Terrorism Act, which prohibits the display of any article, symbol, flag or banner associated with any proscribed organisation. A suspect under this section can be sentenced to imprisonment or fine or both through a summary procedure.
Not to speak of Islamabad, IS has no organised presence in any part of Pakistan to indulge in such daredevil activities and therefore, the incident is clearly a mischief done by some elements to create panic and bring both the incumbent government as well as the country into disrepute. Similar efforts were made when Taliban phenomenon was blown out of proportion by propagating that they have reached Margallah Hills of Islamabad whereas they were about three to four hundred kilometres away in Swat. The hype so created led to the Lal Masjid episode, which conveyed the impression of presence of militants and terrorists in the midst of the Federal Capital. At a time when powerful countries of the world are pressurising Pakistan to do more, such incidents send wrong signals to the outside world, therefore, it is duty of the intelligence agencies and police to track down the culprits behind such moves and bring them to justice. Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has already ordered Islamabad Police to inquire into the incident and hopefully the police would be able to find a clue, as it is not difficult to do so in the presence of an elaborate network of CCTV cameras under Safe City Project.

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