Is Dr Asim’s agony about to end?

Salahuddin Haider

Karachi—Is Dr Asim’s agony, of being in jail for several months, is about to end? This is the question that haunts the minds of most analysts.
They point out that, for the first time, Zardari’s close aide, has owned his video leaked sometime back mysteriously, and about which even a debate took place in the parliament.
The parliamentary committee sought explanations from the authorities as to how such videos can be leaked, and whether this was normal practice. If so, previous examples too should be cited.
An accountability court recently asked the prosecution about justification of keeping Asim in custoday and on what grounds, dropping sufficient hints that Asim may well be on his way out.
The argument backing such suggestion is simple. The Sindh-Federation tussle over powers for the Rangers has also something to do with this, Some observers feel that Sindh government deliberately wanted to delay restoring powers to Rangers, so that police on its own can bring a weaker case, unsubstantiated, to ensure liberty to Ziauddin University chancellor.
But two questions are important here. The charges filed against him for embzelling Rs 4520 million during Asif Zardari’s presidency, and during his days of being the petroleum minister in the government, did his property escalate by leaps and bounds, and if so how and why.
The Rangers had praised the KMC and KDA offices to take files into possession to collect evidence as to how he developed a complex in Clifton of medical facilities. Whether the land for these hospitals and facilities were purchased form market and in a fair way, or whether these could be categorized as land grabbing cases.
Also, the question judiciary must now decide as to whether a prisoner or person in custody can give press interviews or even can speak outside the courts, before judges, or can he be authorized or legally be allowed to make media statements. Nowhere such practices are followed, but in Pakistan, values, traditions, and conventions have often thrown to the winds.

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