Is democracy dead?

A world map lies open before me and I look across the contours of our once friendly earth, my eyes mist up. Suddenly with a roar the paper map comes alive, and I see everywhere leaders of the same hue; tough talking, bragging bullies with smirking sneers and leering looks staring back at me, eyes blazing, brows furrowed, fists clenched and tongues lashing out!
I stoop down and listen to the leaders: Their words are crass and crude and talk that of street fighters! There’s a karate killer, a tea vendor, and a brash, billionaire businessmen! And as I look closer, I see they all have one thing in common, a style of functioning; that’s that of a dictator!
The decisions they make are made without consultation, taking their country either to the brink of war or economic slowdown, and statements issued either through tweets or outbursts from electioneering platforms, send lynching mobs out to settle scores, or fill schoolboy killer heads with such hate they grab guns and kill innocent classmates!
How did such people come to power? Through democratic means, and yet their style of functioning is anything but. Which begs the question, how did this happen? Fear! That they systematically infused into the minds of you people!“My dear people,” they scream, “Be wary of your neighbours! If that neighbour of yours wears a headgear you don’t wear, kill him! If he eats what you don’t, lynch him! If he doesn’t accompany you to your place of worship but goes elsewhere, burn him! If he speaks a language you don’t understand, jail him! If he protests, shoot him!”
“Voters!” screams another, “Anyone who worships god differently is not a nationalist! If he speaks against the government, try him for sedition! If he’s handsome but not from your community, maim him; he could lure your daughter away through love jihaad!” “Friends, Patriots, Countrymen,” tweets another, “Let us build walls to safeguard ourselves!” And with voter slip or using electronic machine, millions rush and give their vote to them, convinced the world has become an unsafe place to live, and fooled into thinking these brash, bullies will guard them.
But I stare at the world map in front of me. Has it become safer? Or have these men with speeches and shotgun made it even more unsafe? I stare down and see brothers looking at each other with suspicion, women suspecting all men of being rapists, and tongues hanging loose from dead mouths of bodies strung up, of those who dared to eat different or talk different!
Is democracy dead? You and I have the answer: That with the power of the vote we carry, we can still their dictator voices, before they still yours and mine! Is democracy dead? I lift my head from paper map and stare through the window at the real world outside. I see you and ask. “Do tell me..!”

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