Is Asian map under stress? Unruly world affairs on hottest wire

Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi


All the unsettled territorial disputes are sitting in Asian continent more than usually longer time; Asia is hosting four full fledged nuke powers, some almost at loggerheads?
Europe is lurking behind the much thrashed veil to see when and how Asia gets into hottest boil; in the unraveling of European forum world hawks are piercing their sharp eyes on the widening of possible chasms. Britain Brexit is further complicating the European power dream beyond the borders of its forum.
But I see a halt: America seems enmeshed in its internal mode of politics; President Trump’s own people are sieving his political position; the Flynn collapse in US-Russia equation proved dangerous despite clarifications from both sides. Flynn has become rightly or innocently a scapegoat in the two-power tussel.
On the other hand the most urgent war-prone boilers are Kashmir and South China Seas Islands; Some observers are looking at America diluting her position on her previously maintained One-China policy as a sad affair. They don’t favor arming, perhaps, Taiwan.
Still on the another triangle, Japan is perhaps locating ‘opportunity’ to strike the hammer, not the anvil. It is again against this seemingly collapsing background that I have been stressing development of an exclusive Asian community of civil and uniform streams.
A most dangerous front has appeared recently at the geophysical head of Pakistan. Afghanistan has been made or made itself to spillover terror beyond its borders to scuttle Pakistan’s forward push in bringing about much needed regional peace and reconciliation.
This vision of Islamabad has been severely pricked by the recent spat of terror, heavy loss of human lives.
World should support Pakistan in stemming neighborly terror rain. We should see that it is most dangerous move to engage Pakistan and try to isolate it.

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