Is another unholy NRO in the offing?

THOUGH JUI-F leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman has denied his reported meeting with PPP leader and former President Asif Ali Zardari in London but media channels were in a mad race to report the meeting and also what transpired there. It was also topic of discussion in most of the talk shows with some foul mouthed anchors going to the extent of suggesting who could be the next Prime Minister in the new scheme of things.
Contacts and consultations among political parties and leaders is nothing new and it happens everywhere in the world but unfortunately these are stretched to wild imagination in our country and those doing so knowingly or unknowingly contribute to deepening of crises that befell the country every now and then. It is understood that those talking about resignation of the Prime Minister are toeing the line of doomsday predictor Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, who has been giving dates for the fall of the Government with claims that he knew the name of the next Prime Minister. Similarly, to suggest that the PPP is being offered the slot of President in exchange for its support to bail out the Government over Panama Papers issue is also a far-fetched idea in the Pakistani politics. However, it is also a fact that attempts are being made to wrap up the issue of corruption as a fair and across the board investigation is likely to hurt almost all political parties besides some other vested interests. Parties and Parliamentarians are in the habit of ganging up when it comes to safeguarding their personal interest is concerned and this was also reflected in the adoption of recommendation by the National Assembly for manifold increase in salaries and allowances of MPs, followed by a similar motion by KP Assembly. But people of Pakistan are fed up with such compromises and will not allow another unholy NRO to shield the corrupt, like protection of criminals under NRO concluded during Musharraf era.

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