Is Aafia alive?

Nighat Leghari

ONCE again the worthy Chief Justice of Pakistan won the hearts of his countrymen by focusing his roaming eyes on the buried case of Dr. Aafia. May God give him more strength to take suo motu notice of the cases alike, which have been buried with the passage of time.
After having implicated Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in a false and fabricated case and keeping her in a secret prison for many many years. The US Court of Justice has given the verdict which provided a sarcastic laugh line to the world jurist’s community. Coming out from the court house even the defence Attorney, Linda Moreno wearing a worn out smile said, “Now I have no faith in American justice system. I completely disagree with this partisan verdict, we will go into an appeal against this verdict. She further revealed in her closing statement “The case is about “Fear versus Facts”.
The prosecutor portrayed Dr. Aafia as a terrorist, though she was not charged with any terrorism offences but prosecutor charged her as “would be terrorist”. The verdict she said explains the fear versus facts but I say there is no room for fear in the court room, it indicated that verdict of the jurist took over fear the US justice system. The verdict confirmed that it is impossible for Muslim terrorism suspects to receive a fair trial in USA courts. Is it not a biased behaviour of the court that no Muslim media was allowed to cover the proceedings of the court or snapping up Dr. Aafia a torn up Muslim convict. Defence Attorney cleared up that prosecution had proved no physical evidence and their witness testimonies were inconsistent.
Does it not sound ridiculous that verdict charges at her for assaulting 4 US nationals with M 4 riffle and had got a list of terror targets in New York landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Brookly Bridge and the Empire State Building, and instructions how to make a bomb. Another defence attorney, Charles Swift said, “my client Dr. Aafia who has earned her Doctorate Degree in Neurocongnitive Science degree from Brandies University of America was kept in a secret prison for thirteen long years without any legal representation.
The ill-fated Dr. Aafia narrating the gory story of her long agonizing arrest in US said, “I was kidnapped with my three small kids and kept in a secret jail where I suffered unbelievable physical mental and psychological torture by the US soldiers during interrogation, many times I confronted death owing to pains but I think pain is a state of mind either your give into it or not and I chose “NOT” the cruel culture of US prospects of justice are not good for any Muslim than how Dr. Aafia could receive any genuine justice from it. It is said that after the jurist left the court room Dr. Aafia showing no emotions shouted, “I know where the verdict has come from”. Dr. Aafia has been declared as the terrorist but the jury could not prove it.
Factually she did not practise any terrorism but the Americans doubted that in her inner she had developed the hatred against the US terrorism against the Muslims and now the only alternate with them was to declare her terrorist. Dr. Aafia is a Muslim through and through how long she could see and hear the massive killings of her innocent co-Muslims. Being a weaker gender she was not in a position to express her anguish and alarm in practical form but she developed hatred against the US terrorists in her mind. May she had expressed her inner hatred at any place and the US forces like a sniffer dog held her.
The strange fact is this no Pakistani official of the Pakistan Embassy was present on the seat reserved for them. If a female member of a family is kidnapped anywhere in our country the whole family gets together and sits not silent unless they recover the female, but to our great disappointment US has kidnapped a young Fulbright Doctor (Dr. Aafia) of Pakistan in daybright light, but we are not in a position to snub our Exacting Master (USA). We cannot show even our anger or anguish to US because the United States of America has the power to make and break the Kings in Pakistan. If somewhat is being done in this case by the Government it is all under wrap and under lip, this apathetic action is shameful. Dr. Aafia! I have no words at my command to express my grief for your grief. I believe your religion must has provided you the opportunity to peep into your Inner self and you must have come across with various pleasant spiritual experiences during your odd moments. You must have meditated on the real purpose of life which had provided you a super human stamina. God does not put burden greater than that one can bear. All nights give way to bright mornings. You are still in US snare but being Muslim look forward for a divine interference.
You have been declared guilty in Manhattan Federal Court of America but I believe you will be released from the “Supreme Court of Almighty” who commands the whole world and who is not vindictive or biased for any one of His creatures. Bravo, Dr. Aafia I wish you all the best for all the times to come. I salute to your self-restraint, with which you rebounced the tactics of US ruffians.
– The writer is senior journalist based in Multan.

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