Irritable mood

When you are irritable, you become frustrated or upset. It may also be a symptom of a mental or physical health condition. Young children fell irritable when they are tired or sick. They are not in their regular mood. Many things can cause irritability; it may be physical or psychological causes. Psychological causes of irritability are, depression, anxiety and stress and physical causes of irritability are, low blood pressure, diabetes and flu.
Some people fall irritable on a regular basis. They should consult their doctors. The doctor helps you to identify the cause of your irritability. In some cases, your feelings of irritability may be accompanied by some other symptoms. These symptoms are, anger, confusion and fast breathing. And if hormonal imbalance causes irritability in your body the symptoms have, fever, headache etc. So, we should feel fresh and happy on a regular basis to avoid this type of mood. This message should be spread in society at a wider scale.

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