Irresponsible anchorperson

Not many days ago, my personal favourite Dr Shahid Masood aired allegations against Zainab’s murderer Imran Ali. He went on to say that Imran was a part of international racket, which is responsible for violent child pornographic videos. Prolonging the chain of his awe-striking allegations he added Imran owned 37 bank accounts as well. At first they all sounded not more than a stunt for receiving high ratings but when Dr Shahid said he was ready to be hanged if proved wrong, with this all doubts which offered resistance to accept his information were grounded.
The SC summoned him after he made these serious allegations. First Dr Shahid questioning the impartiality of the JIT and refused to cooperate with it, the Supreme Court set up an independent JIT to probe the matter.
This JIT denied every single allegation of the anchorperson categorically. In the aftermath of the report, instead of apologizing it was downright debasing of him to play all the turns and tricks to get away with the wrath of the Chief Justice, who earlier warned him of “unthinkable consequences” if proved wrong. The Supreme Court should take it as a test case for all the anchorpersons and we hope that these ‘unthinkable consequences’ will make our media think twice before it talks big.
Tharparkar, Sindh

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