Iraq reconstruction conference termed beginning of stability in entire region


Amir of Kuwait to attend moot today

Gauhar Zahid Malik

Kuwait City

The fact that Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah will patronize the Kuwait International Conference for Reconstruction of Iraq (KICRI) by attending it on its concluding day i.e. Wednesday (today) at the Bayan Palace shows Kuwait government’s commitment to long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation of Iraq and the Iraqi people who have been displaced and affected by war on the so-called Islamic State (IS).
On Tuesday, too, besides the participants of the conference, international speakers and stakeholders continued to express solidarity with the people and the government of Iraq and assured their support in rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and vowed to put its economy back on track with the help of the stakeholders, donors and partner nations.
Addressing the participants, Chairman of Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Ali Al-Gahnim said the conference was in fact beginning of a phase of security and stability in the entire region. Kuwait does not see the conference only as yet another experience that deep-seats Kuwait’s Arab, regional and international role, but also as a pioneering endeavor in restoring pan-Arab relations, with an outlook to reconciliation, he said. Not only Arab and ME countries are reiterating their support to reconstruction of Iraq, European countries are also forthcoming in expressing solidarity and support with the Iraqi people.
French Foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian also affirmed his country’s commitment and support to Iraq until the country revives and prosper, noting that France will stand by Iraq just like it did during its fight against terrorism.
The minister made his remarks during (Invest in Iraq) conference, in a speech on the reconstruction of Iraq, adding that the rebuilding process would be huge and difficult, but he voiced optimism with Iraq’s ability to recover and improve due to its immense resources and human capabilities.
Le Drian was of the view that Iraq could stand on its feet and achieve national reconciliation and begin the reconstruction process, but taking into account the social and humanitarian aspect of it. He stressed a comprehensive reconstruction process that should not neglect any populated area in Iraq.
President of the World Bank for the Middle East and North Africa, Hafeth Ghanem also welcomed Kuwait’s timely initiative of holding the conference saying reconstruction of Iraq is the goal for the international community in general and the Middle East in particular.
As a global entity, the Bank is concerned with the reconstruction of Iraq, due to the fact it is a major country, hence its stability and safety would contribute to stability and security of the region, Ghanem told media in an interview on the sideline of the conference.
The Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq (KICRI) that kicked off February 12 will conclude today (Wednesday).

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