Iraq is falling apart

IN yet another dastardly act of terror in Iraq and that too in the fasting month of Ramazan, at least 125 persons lost their lives and many received injuries when a suicide bomber ripped through a busy shopping district in Baghdad over the weekend. The blast is being described as the deadliest single attack in the conflict ridden country in years.
Worsening violence especially the use of security forces for political ends has reinforced polarization in the country, and this also has spillover effects and the problem has become increasingly regional in scope. In fact the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States complicated the issues as a result of which one Muslim country after another in the region is plunging into the anarchy and violence. Because of the flawed western policies, we also saw the emergence of terror monster like ISIS who is now penetrating deep into different regions and hitting the targets with free will. The footprints of the terror outfit has been found in all the recent attacks ranging from Baghdad assault to recent bombings in Istanbul, Syria, Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon. As regards the increasing violence in Iraq is concerned, it appears to be a part of the conspiracy to divide the country into three parts: Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish, which we believe will not help resolve the issues but further plunge the whole region into deep turmoil. In fact, the US did not realise the consequences of the invasion of Iraq in 2003 that not only led to the destabilization of this country, but its Domino effect brought instability in the entire Middle East. Now the situation in Iraq is such a messy that the government is unable to establish its writ even in the areas controlled by it. Given the current situation in Iraq, it is imperative that the course of a political settlement is immediately pursued that addresses the very political grievances of different stakeholders; otherwise, the country will continue its slide into fragmentation.

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