Iran warns India

IRAN has warned India of depriving it of several concessions if New Delhi discontinued import of oil from Tehran under pressure from the United States. Acting Iranian Ambassador in New Delhi also criticised India for not fulfilling its pledges of making investment in Chabahar Port.
Despite Iran’s frantic efforts to give substance to its relationship with India, their bilateral ties have remained mostly transactional as far as the Indian side is concerned. This is because of India’s strategic ties with the United States that remains in a state of perpetual hostility towards Iran. India, therefore, finds it difficult to toe an independent line and follow policies towards Tehran that circumstances allow. It is on record that India backtracked from IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline project when it was in advance stages of finalisation just because the United States doled out nuclear partnership to India. India has also followed the US line at the UN, voting against Iran at the IAEA and cutting energy trade significantly in recent years. Numerous agreements between the two countries including Chabahar deal are troubled as India made hollow pledges of investment and dragged its feet when it came to implementation. In many cases, India just moved towards Iran with designs to harm interests of Pakistan. We hope that recent developments would expose the real face of India before Iran and Tehran would make realistic choices in its foreign policy.

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