Iran asserts

IRAN says it will not cooperate more fully with atomic inspectors until a standoff over its nuclear deal is resolved. According to its UN envoy, no one should expect Iran to go to implement more voluntary measures, emphasising that Tehran’s patience with European efforts to save the deal was not unlimited.
Ever since American President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the international accord with Iran that envisaged lifting of sanctions against the country in return for its agreement to meet some of the demands about its nuclear programme. Last week, Iran warned that it was preparing to boost its Uranium enrichment capacity but still its leadership, in a sign of readiness to cooperate, has made it clear that the activity would not violate the accord with world powers. Iran has faithfully been implementing all provisions of the agreement but its revocation by the super power has triggered a new crisis. Washington has gone a step further in making demands from Tehran that no sovereign nation would accept. It now depends on the overall attitude of the European countries, China and Russia to what extent they go to save the deal from total collapse. So far they have expressed their resolve to stick to it but practically there would be serious fallout for Iran as more and more foreign companies would be leaving the country for fear of being sanctioned by the United States. This would amount to pushing Iran to wall and forcing it to take retaliatory measures, which may lead to escalation in tension with the world powers as well as with the regional countries. So far, Iran is responding to the US policy with caution but things could become unmanageable if the US persists with its aggressive approach aimed at dealing serious blows to the economy of Iran. Apart from other world powers, it is also duty of the United Nations to play its role in resolving the conflict as Iran is cooperating with IAEA, which is on record expressing satisfaction over pace and mode of implementation of the agreement by Tehran.

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