Iqbal’s Shaheen is missing

Recently the nation celebrated Allama Iqbal’s birthday. The Iqbal Day remained among the top trends on social media for days. Iqbal was a great philosopher, barrister, scholar and poet of the East. He united the entire Muslim-nation of the sub-continent through his poetry. He had born at a time when the Muslims were living a very gruesome life and were facing a number of hardships from English rulers, in collusion with Hindus.
Iqbal led the minority of India from the front. It is an honour for Pakistan that it had a poet that is revered not only within the country, but also throughout the world especially in Iran, India, Turkey and to name a few others. Iqbal’s Poetry encompasses almost all major segments of life. Among others, the major section of society that he tried to energize was the youth. He found similarity between a youth and an eagle. According to United Nations Population Fund, 63 percent of whole population of Pakistan consists of youth that makes it a country filled with the youngsters and fifth ‘young country’ in the world. Pakistan is also house to a number of problems. The major of them is terrorism as well as poverty which are direct causes of obliteration. These issues have clutched the unemployed youth severely and making it desperate.
In the contemporary time, the youth of Pakistan is not what Iqbal envisioned it to be. He wanted to see his youth educated who could pursue a better, bright future instead of bleak, dark one that will ultimately lead it towards decline. The young generation is not far-sighted like the Shaheen but is narrow-sighted now. It is at odds religiously, ethnically, politically and socially. Iqbal’s Shaheen is also taking drugs – making its life complex for not only itself but also for his kith and kin and society as a whole. It is becoming futile with the passage of time. According to estimation, there are 8 million people in Pakistan addicted to drugs, most of them youths.
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