Iqbal stressed to bridge gap between science, religion

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Three day international Allama Muhammad Iqbal conference organized by MUSLIM Institute has completed its second day. Thinkers, researchers and scholars from eighteen countries across the globe are presenting their research papers. Speakers of the second day were
Speakers observed that Iqbal believed in human dignity and freedom. Iqbal’s concept of “khudi” is the concept of human rights including the right of self-determination primarily concerned with the future of Muslims across the globe. No doubt Iqbal was a humanist and he dreamt for a new social order for the whole world based on social democracy and spiritual democracy, but his main concern was to awaken the Muslim Ummah through his philosophy of Khudi (Self-realization, Self-awareness, and self-assertion) and Be-Khudi (Integration of individual with society and with supreme common interest of society).
Imperial politico-economic domination has badly affected the growth of Muslim society. In order to emancipate, Muslim society needs to reconstruct confidence in their identity, personality and will power. Energy of faith is the primary prerequisite in this respect. Muslim society should be at power with other nations.
Iqbal advises Muslim youth to explore themselves in the field of science and tech

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