Iqbal guides towards Universal love which teaches to love humanity

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Islamabad—Causes of decline of Muslims are sectarianism, nationalism, cast system and distancing from religion that is why Iqbal addressed to the youth to shun the sectarianism and nationalism and adopt unity of Ummah and to reject the cast system and adopt equality, only then peace will prevail.
These were the views shared by Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali in his special lecture ‘Iqbal’s message of love and peace , in Behria University.
He expressed that Iqbal always addressed Youth and pivot of his hope was young generation at that time and even at present. Iqbal was one who was awakened among the slumbering nation and consequently defeated British and Gandhi impearls through his thoughts. Iqbal continuously calls us towards the way of our forefathers and invites us to adopt the way of knowledge.
He himself has love for knowledge and was critique and against of theocracy, monarchism and conventional system of shrines. That is why Iqbal again and again teaches youth to end the life of ease and indolence and go adopt the life of continuous effort and hard work because the nation who’s youth indulge in laziness that Nation ultimately decline.

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