Iqbal as History, Iqbal as Commodity

Institute of Business Administration, Karachi organ-ized a distinguished lecture series by Dr. Noman ul Haq, Professor, Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts, IBA on ‘Iqbal as History, Iqbal as Commodity’ at the IBA City Campus. The welcome note was delivered by Mrs. Malahat Awan, Head of Alumni Relations, IBA, followed by the recitation of the holy Quran.
Eighty years after the death of Allama Iqbal, the lecture aimed at assessing the literary, philosophi-cal, and political status of Dr. Allama Iqbal. Dr. Haq’s assessments were based essentially on pri-mary sources, particularly Iqbal’s Urdu and Persian poetry as well as his private letters. He commented on how the irony lies in the fact that despite their ideological rejection of Iqbal’s ‘philosophy’, Paki-stan’s leftist groups still appeared to be utterly charmed by Iqbal’s verse in their private moments. Before delving into Iqbal’s poetry, Dr. Haq ex-pressed how Urdu as a national language is under-going a process of getting lost. This language vac-uum, he argued, appears regardless of numerous Urdu electronic media channels, Urdu print media publications, and emerging Pakistani film industry, which uses Urdu as its underlying carrier. And this happens primarily due to the lack of proper cultiva-tion of language in schools and colleges that fail to teach how to articulate speech. Dr. Haq linked this apparent language blackout with blocked access to Iqbal’s poetry. He stressed that Iqbal’s poetry is not aimed for ‘declamation in a performance assembly to display the poet’s virtuos-ity’. Instead, it is poetry for reading.—PR

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