IOK flaring up further

SATURDAY’S incidents of violence in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) once again reminded the grim situation prevailing in the territory due to vicious cycle of terror unleashed by occupying forces there. In the latest acts of violence, Indian troops martyred twelve Kashmiris, including Sabzar Ahmad Bhat, the successor of Burhan Wani. As the news of Sabzar spread in the region, thousands of people including students took to the streets shouting “Go India, Go Back and We Want Freedom”.
These very slogans clearly narrate the whole story of acrimony that is reaching new heights in IOK. After the martyrdom of Burhan Wani last year, the entire world had witnessed the same kind of massive protests and clashes between armless Kashmiri people and the Indian troops that resulted in the martyrdom of hundreds of people while thousands of others were left with serious injuries and disabilities. Whilst the world community has not been going beyond expressing verbal concerns, the Kashmiri people, however, have demonstrated that they stay firm against Indian intransigence and belligerence. In fact the uprising that started in 2016 is much different from the previous ones as the current campaign is being led by the Kashmiri youth. Just like the martyrdom of Wani, we understand that the blood rendered by Sabzar will give a new vigour and strength to the freedom movement and all attempts by Modi government to malign it will go waste as the world and saner elements within India themselves admit of the indigenous nature of the movement. Given the current situation in IOK, we have no doubt in saying that the movement has reached a decisive phase and the day is not far when people of Kashmir will break the shackles of oppression and persecution. Towards the realisation of that goal, our Foreign Office needs to further expedite its diplomatic efforts at the international forums to highlight the plight of Kashmiri people and expose true face of Indian state terrorism. Important capitals are duty bound to get bloodshed of Kashmiris stopped and impress upon India to sit with Pakistan and Kashmiri leaders for resolution of the outstanding dispute. The sooner it happens better it will be to ensure a safer and secured future for people of this region.

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