Invisible Policemen..!


The traffic constable at the junction asked me politely for a lift up to the next signal. “Saab,” he said grinning at me, “from tomorrow you will not see us anymore. We will be there, but we will not be seen. They are going to try and make us invisible!”
“But you guys have already learnt to become invisible,” I said, “hiding behind lampposts, behind bushes, trying to become part of the background, and doing a good job of it.”
“Ha, ha, ha,” said the traffic policeman, “you are a very understanding man, you have understood the problem fully.” “I have?” I asked doubtfully. “What is the problem?”
“The problem of hiding all the time,” said the policeman. “It is very difficult for a person like me to hide behind a lamppost for eight hours a day.” “I agree with you,” I said, “It must have been tough.” “Yes,” said the policeman, “ours has never been an easy job, but now things are going to be better.” “You mean they are going to make the lampposts broader?” I asked. “No sahib,” said the policeman politely, “tomorrow we will become lampposts.”
“Become lampposts?” I asked in horror. “And bushes and trees or walls or even traffic signals,” said the policeman with a far away look in his eyes. “Gone are the days of hiding.”
“Listen,” I said pulling my car to the side to stop my shaking hands, “from tomorrow all policemen …….”
“Will be given camouflage uniforms,” said the policeman giving me a satisfied grin. “We will be given uniforms that will blend with the background. Nobody will know where we are. No more will we ever have to play hide and seek.” “You mean suddenly I will have a lampost walking up to me and fining me?” I asked.
“Only if you cut a signal sir.” “But traffic policeman are supposed to be seen,” I said weakly. “You are supposed to regulate the traffic control the traffic, see that lane discipline is maintained.” “We cannot do everything,” said the traffic policeman complacently. “We are not Gods, but mortals with two hands and two legs. Can you give a lift to a colleague of mine?”
What colleague?” I asked watched in disbelief as a lampost walked towards my car.
“No….,” I shouted, “no… this can’t be true.” “He got his uniform before time sir,” said my policeman friend as he got out of my car and let the lampost in. “Just drop him after the next traffic light.”
“Near that bush,” said the lampost traffic policeman pointing to a funny looking hedge near the side of the road, “that’s another colleague of ours! I have to give him some instructions.” I drove away as fast as I could and looked at every lampost and bush with suspicious fright. It was going to be scary driving from now on..!
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