Int’l terrorism set to hit innocents

MOST of the terror attacks that rocked different countries, especially France and Germany this summer and killed hundreds of people have been claimed by the much feared Islamic State. As the Arab based terror outfit is losing territory and on the retreat in Syria and Iraq, is now reportedly impressing upon its foreign fighters to commit violence locally instead of visiting its base camp. While the ISIS has made its intentions clear of increasing terror attacks globally in the days and months ahead, it is time for the world community especially influential countries to rise above their internal squabbling and fulfil their responsibilities to save the innocent people from further carnage and bloodshed.
London police has also warned of terror attacks in Britain similar to those seen recently in mainland Europe. In the perspective of attacks most recently witnessed in Germany and France, there is no doubt left that these terrorists have developed capacity to perpetrate their sordid acts in any part of the world. In fact, the menace of terrorism is not any country specific rather it has spread its tentacles everywhere and nobody is safe from it. That is why today we are also seeing the European countries being threatened and hit by terrorism. It is a pity that the menace has taken hundreds and thousands of lives over the last many years but so far the countries have failed to reach a universally agreed definition of it. Thus far this menace has been associated with one faith – the notion that is not correct and also against the ground realities given the recent terror attacks which also involved people from different faiths. Instead of pointing fingers on one and another, it is time for the entire world community to get united to address the very root causes of this cancer sooner rather than later as any dillydallying and apathy to its cure will continue to take heavy toll on innocent people. We will also urge the United Nations to convene an international moot to firm up a strategy to address this urgent issue and protect the future generations from radicalisation and extremist mindset.

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