Intezar’s father gives CCTV footage to media, demands to tried the case in ATC


KARACHI : New development has been made in Karachi’s youth Intezar, who was shot dead allegedly by Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC), as deceased’s father has given the CCTV footage to media in which it can be seen that officials stopped Intezar’s car and opened fire after allowing him to go.

The footage has come forth after fifteen days of the incident and it shows that a black car came in front of Intezar’s car at a road crossing. Two officers riding a bike came from behind while another black car stopped near Intezar’s vehicle.

The man in second black car indicated towards the official first and then signaled Intezar to go. The two officials, wearing civil dress, opened fire at Intezar as soon as he moved his car.

Another white car can be seen behind Intezar’s car. The officers on bike as well as in car went away after Intezar’s car moved away from the camera. There is no further recording of what happened afterwards.

Father of Intezar has expressed reservations over the ongoing investigation and demanded that the case be taken up by an anti-terrorism court.

Imran Khan visited Intezar’s family Sunday and backed Intezar’s father in his demand to transfer the case to an anti-terrorist court. He said that the Sindh police had lost people’s trust. He further remarked that politicization of the police had eroded people’s faith in the institution to provide them justice.

Imran Khan was accompanied by Karachi leader Imran Ismail on that occasion to hold a joint press conference with Intezar’s father. “We have seen the CCTV footage and there is nothing in there to suggest that the boy tried to flee. This is outright murder,” Khan said.

Orignally published by NNI

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