Interpreting vision of Turkish President

Dr Muhammad Khan

Analyzing the address of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Joint Session of Pakistani Parliament, one would deduce three visionary guidelines; improve educational standard of the masses, get rid of the terrorist organisations and follow the glorious moralities of Islam for promoting peace and prosperity. Besides, the Turkish President thanked the Pakistani leadership and people for being with Turkey at all critical junctures of Turkish history. The people of Pakistan fought against the enemies of Ottoman Empire and later for the establishment of modern Turkey.
Indeed, the Pakistani masses and leadership were especially concerned over the failed coup attempt, made by the betrayed men of Turkish armed forces against the Government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in July this year. Turkish President was particularly concerned about the situation in Indian occupied Kashmir and said that, “Our brothers and sisters in Kashmir are suffering because of escalating tensions along the Line of Control (LoC) and Kashmir, which can no longer be ignored.” Turkey always supported the Pakistani stance on the Kashmir dispute. The issue needs to be settled as per the wishes of the people of Kashmir under UN resolutions.
Education has given the Turkish nation an awareness, which brought a renaissance among the post Ottoman Turkey. Today, Turkey has highest standard of education, matching the most advance countries of the world. This high educational standard contributed towards the economic and social uplift of that country. For the promotion of higher education in Pakistan, Turkish President even announced 500 Ph.D scholarships for the Pakistani students. This is highest number of scholarships, Pakistan was ever offered in its history. Pakistan needs to expand the level of base of basic and mid-level education for achieving a good standard at the higher education level and meet the international standards.
Since the menace of terrorism, is a common enemy; both for Turkey and Pakistan, therefore, President Erdogan made a particular mention of this malevolent activity. Not only the menace itself, but also those forces and powers, which are behind this menace needs to be identified and properly dealt with. In the series of terrorist organisations, if ISIS, TTP, Al-Qaeda and many others are playing a fanatic role elsewhere, Fetullah Gullen Terrorist Organisation (FETO) is playing an equally destructive role in Turkey. Terrorist organisations like TTP, AQ and now IS have badly affected the Pakistani society. There have been killings, bomb blasts and terrorists all over the country from 2005 to-date. It was Operation Zarb-i-Azb, which have dismantled the hideouts and bases of the terrorists and today, the people of Pakistan are living with lot of comfort and peace. Even then, the splinter groups of these organiastions are still active and carryout terrorist attacks, once they get an opportunity.
All these organisations are not operating at their own, but indeed have been trained, equipped and financed to play a particular role of destabilising the Muslim world or else create a cause for the intervention of those powers who created them. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and many other Muslim countries provide clear evidences of this. Divide and rule has always worked well in the Muslim world by the Western colonial powers and now by neo-imperialists. Destabilisation of Turkish Government through a failed coup on July 15, 2016 was part of the same conspiracy and Pakistan is a target of both western and eastern allies. Coup in Turkey was meant to topple the Government of Erdogan, which has adopted independent policies, rather being the hostage of European Union, which was making use of this great country as member of NATO, but never considered it for the membership of EU.
The Islamic values and teachings are aimed to benefit the human beings, irrespective of religions, cast, creed or areas. Following the teachings of Islamis the best way forward for the promotion of peace and harmony at the level of state, regionand globe. As per President Erdogan, “We are all proud of being members of this holy religion, whose greatest goal is to ensure goodness and to remove the evil on earth.” There is a need that, Muslims must stand against all sort of; persecutions, inequities and injustices, committed anywhere in the world. The terrorist organisations are defaming the religion and Muslims. Behind these terrorist organisations, there are interest groups, who use them for furthering their agendas.
The vision and clear message, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave us need a thorough interpretation and analysis. Each word of his speech means a lot, not only for Pakistan and Turkey, but also for entire Muslim world. In the light of glorious teachings of Islam, Muslims should assume for themselves the role of preachers of peace, harmony and tranquillity for the entire world. All Muslim countries should take an initiative, starting from the settlement of their domestic predicaments. An internally stable and economically prosperous state can better influence other states, than those unstable and economically impoverish.
The next step should aim at bringing closer together all Muslim states by shedding away their ethnic and ideological differences. These baseless and external agenda driven inter-state differences have only promoted the rivalries among the Muslim world, which benefitted the forces behind scene. The global misperception about the Muslims and Islam in the garb of terrorism needs to be done away with through a unified fight against these terrorist organisations and their abettors. By this way, we can really serve the essence of our Great Religion and this world too.
— The writer is International Relations analyst based in Islamabad.

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