Interpol warrants for Haqqani?

Media reports that Interpol has assured Hussain Haqqani’s lawyer that no arrest warrants are being issued to him are very embarrassing. In any case this is a self inflicted wound on state sovereignty, where Pakistani state and its superior judiciary cannot hold accountable paid public office holders, because of conflicts of interest of those who made appointments.
As long as civil and military governments choose to appoint individuals holding foreign nationalities or permanent residential status to hold key executive assignments as ambassadors or senior positions in finance, security and other sensitive departments, Pakistan’s national interest will be compromised. The problem lies not with Interpol or other countries but with ourselves, when those who matter prefer individuals who already possess capability vis-a-vis their residential status to seek immunity from writ of Pakistani laws and Constitution. It is not just civilians but also those who hold or have held key sensitive assignments in security establishment such as Musharraf and dozens like him.

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