Internet service

The Internet, the most used technology, let me say the over-used or {sometimes} misused technology, has undoubtedly connected the world. It has brought revolutionary change in the life of the people, especially the students in their learning process. However, it is unfortunate that the city of Turbat, the second mega city of Balochistan, has been deprived of Internet Service. Not only the city itself but its adjoining places such as Rudbune, Nasirabad, Kalat, Kasak, Shapok etc face same fate.
Unavailability of the Service has affected the ordinary citizens but the major brunt has to be borne by the student-folk. As it is well known fact that most of students from university require it for their research works, but how unfortunate that is that they are not facilitated with this facility. Consequently, their assignments and works get stopped. Though the PTCL Service is available in some parts, but it cannot be afforded by everyone. It is my earnest request to Balochistan government for taking a notice for the solution of this genuine requirement of the people, especially the students.

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