Internal, external elements involved in terrorism in Balochistan: CM

Jam Kamal vows to dedicate new CM Houses for public use


Chief Minister Balochistan, Mir Jam Kamal has said that internal and external elements are involved in terrorist incidents in the province, but they would fail in their nefarious designs. Talking to media, the Chief Minister said Afghanistan border is a major issue for Pakistan and war in Afghanistan for the past forty years is directly affecting Pakistan. Jam Kamal said Pakistan’s valiant armed forces have rendered supreme sacrifices in the war against terrorism and courageously eliminated terrorism from its soil.
He said Police and other law enforcing agencies would be deployed across the province to play their role in eradication of terrorism and to avoid any untoward incident in future. He said honest officers would be appointed in every department to bring improvement in the system. The Chief Minister said good governance would be ensured in the province to facilitate the people.
Newly elected Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani has vowed to use the two CM houses in Quetta and Hanna Orak for public purpose instead of using it himself. A second 16-room CM House is being constructed behind the current CM House at a cost of Rs650 million. Then another is being built in Hanna Orak at a cost of Rs460m. There was no need for such big houses, he said.
‘More than a billion rupees were spent on their constructions. We will use it for the benefit of the people.’ He identified ‘governance’ as the biggest problem of Balochistan. ‘Capable people were ignored (but we) are now investigating people involved in corruption and removing them from important positions.’
The Balochistan CM said he would fix the education and health sectors of the province by the way of meritocracy. ‘Where there are students, there are no schools, and where there are both, the teachers are absent,’ he said. ‘In the education department there will be 10,000 appointments on merit. Jam Kamal said that instead of having dialogues with estranged leaders ‘who use Balochistan’s lack of progress for political gains’, he would instead use his term to address the real issues.

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