Intensified atrocities in Occupied Kashmir

PAKISTAN Foreign Office, on Thursday, expressed serious concern over intensified atrocities by Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir especially against students and demanded of the UN and international community to take notice of the grave situation. Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said at the weekly news briefing that dozens of colleges have been attacked and thousands of boy and girl students injured by occupation forces.
This reign of terror follows a statement by Indian Home Minister that his country would control the situation in Occupied Kashmir within one year and that the government intends to employ all techniques for the purpose. As India has stalled the process of talks with Pakistan on frivolous excuses and not willing to talk on Kashmir, the statement clearly implies that occupation authorities want to resolve the longstanding dispute through use of force. This is despite the fact that Kashmiris have braved all sorts of brutalities in their just struggle for right to self-determination, which was pledged not only by the UN but also the then Indian leadership. The outright rejection of recent sham elections by Kashmiri people also sent a loud and clear message to New Delhi that Kashmiris would not accept anything short of plebiscite to determine their fate. In this backdrop, the Indian plan to ‘control’ the situation within one year means there would be more brutal use of power. Reports of attacks on educational institutions by occupation forces is clear manifestation of implementation of this nefarious plan and Kashmiri youth would have to bear the brunt of atrocities. Already thousands of Kashmiris have been blinded through the use of pellet guns and it is first incident of mass blinding in the human history and that too at the hands of a country that claims to be the largest democracy on the planet. India has also imposed curbs on reporting of the ground situation and refuses to cooperate with the OIC and the UN which wanted to send their fact finding missions to Occupied Kashmir. However, in this age of IT and social media, it is next to impossible to hide crimes against humanity and New Delhi will have to pay a heavy price for genocide of people who are committing no crime but demanding their birthright.

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