All institutions should have to work in constitutional domains


Criticism on judiciary should be avoided: Saad


Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique said on Saturday that criticism on judiciary should be avoided. Addressing a press conference here at Railways Regional office, he said they had great respect for the Supreme Court. The leadership of his party had struggled for the restoration of independent judiciary and underwent imprisonments in this regard, he said and mentioned that he himself underwent imprisonment and was lodged in Bahwalpur and Mianwali Jails.
He said each and every decision of the judiciary should be accepted by everyone. The Minster said that the elements, who approached court for resolving political issues, were responsible for the current political situation in the country. He said that all institutions should have to work in their constitutional domains for the betterment of the country. Replying to a question about upcoming general elections, Khawaja said that an impartial caretaker setup would be made with the consultation of not only opposition leadership but also all political parties having representation in the Parliament.
The impartial caretaker set-up, having confidence in all political parties, would ensure free and fair elections in the country, he added. He claimed that Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) would win the coming general elections on the basis of its performance. As people know very well that which party had delivered and who had done the politics of allegations and lies, he observed. Replying to another question regarding upcoming Senate elections, he said that some elements were trying to take seats more than their quota but PML-N would try to take all its seats as per quota with the help of its like-minded parties.
However, he mentioned, if someone take seats more than its quota his politics would be exposed on March 4 and ultimately it would badly affect them in the general elections. Responding to a query about privatisation of Pakistan Railways, the minister said the government was not going to privatise Pakistan Railways but some trains would be outsourced to increase the revenue. He said that efforts were being made to increase the salaries of Railway Police employees but there were some budget issues, adding, their demands were genuine as salaries of railway police was comparatively less than other police.—APP

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