Institutional decay

Ghazanfar A Garewal

HOW institutional decay happen and lead to lack of national order? A close observation makes it clear that almost, with few exceptions, every government institution is presenting a gloomy picture of the country. To put it another way, each institution is mini Pakistan in itself. First, merit is followed neither in the selection process nor in promotion of the employees.
Reference, kinship and bribery make recruitment and promotion process unjust. Second, it gives birth to lack of professionalism and incompetency. A person appointed by neglecting transparency and merit becomes a parasite for the department. How can such an incompetent person perform well? Therefore, this malpractice affects the overall performance of the respective organization. Consequently, incompetency and non-professionalism emerge as a by-product of this moral and financial corruption. An appointment made by violating law and merit results in corruption only.
Last, discrimination of all kinds is the hallmark of every institution. It comes in various shapes: discrimination on the basis of gender, race, caste and creed, sect and ethnicity. Unfortunately, all these forms of discrimination are deep rooted in every organization. All the above mentioned issues are complementary: they reinforce each other.
The darkest aspect of these malpractices is that slowly and gradually the competent and hardworking class becomes prey to this ailment. They also start losing interest in their professional obligations. Ultimately, it results into a vicious circle which has the worst impact on the overall development of the country.
If this is the case, how can our country compete with the world of excellence? The solution is youth. They can motivate the government to take measures to eradicate this evil from the country. The millennials are real strength of the country. They are well informed and aware. What they need is direction. The 65 percent youth has to practically play their role in the implementation of rule of law. To this end, a two prong approach based on capability and will power should be adopted.
Youth in Pakistan is quite capable of dealing with all these social evils, only will power is required. The youth is supposed to own the country and to win the future. They must realize that institution building is prerequisite to national order and development. There is no option but to follow merit in selection and recruitment process. In the short run, the government should prepare the list of honest and well-reputed bureaucrats and give them the charge of different departments. They should be given a time frame to improve the performance of that very department.
The competent and dedicated head of organization need to utilize the true professionals who could work to change the fate of the country. The dedicated and potential personnel must be encouraged and promoted on the basis of merit and performance. By doing so, the overall hierarchy of the department can be restructured. This will lead towards competitive and constructive environment conducive for building national order that Pakistan needs the most.
— The writer teaches at National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.

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