Insignificant aid is quite appreciable to note that Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan 

Abbasi has declared himself mystified by US threats to cut off funding, saying emphatically that the Washington assistance is very, very insignificant and Pakistan is on the forefront of the war on terror. In an interview with the Guardian in the backdrop of recent US President Trump’s tirade against Pakistan, the PM said that the reports about Washington is considering cuts up to 2 billion dollars in security assistance are bewildering because in reality the total aid to Pakistan, both civilian and military, actually in fact a tiny fraction of that amount, the US aid in the last five years at least has been less than 10 million dollars a year and it is very very insignificant amount. Rejecting Trump’s charge of duplicity over the fight against terrorism, the PM reiterated that Pakistan is a sovereign state and has always abided by the international conventions, we are fighting the largest war on terror in the world, in fact we are fighting the world’s war on terror with our own resources, we have already suffered a huge loss of over 120 billion dollars to our economy besides thousands of armed forces officers and jawans martyred and civilians killed in terrorist attacks all these years in addition to injuries of lakhs of people.


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