Injustice at work place

Haider Ali
Via Email

Rampant corruption, nepotism, misuse of power and mishandling of resources has led country into doldrums, which is very intrusive. Mammoth and daunting concern has been perpetuated badly in roots of country that must be dealt expeditiously.
The upper echelons or seniors are awarded with increments, bonuses whereas juniors and most deserving ones who work diligently and burn midnight oil throughout are ignored, and higher administration just turns deaf ear when it comes to increments and motivational boost ups. It creates so much disdain and lack of interest in work. Self-aggrandizement is common, only sycophants are enjoying the benefits while rest are just losing their heath like spendthrift child by working day and night. Hiring and promotion is on the basis of political affinity; procedure of promotion via performance is ambivalent. Therefore, the deprived young professionals make their way to foreign countries. It is the tragic moment of our country that has put most of the diligent and hardworking segment into strange conundrum and perpetual state of melancholy.
Backstabbing and ill-motivation must be reprimanded and castigated. Deserving young professionals must be rendered with sound and friendly environment annexed with opportunities to grow and flourish. In a similar vein, young professionals also need to have a direction to emphasis to harness their immense potential and do wonders with their talent and skilfulness. There is a dire need of egalitarian approach because the country cannot become Asian Tiger if these discrepancies, impediments and barricades are not removed.

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