‘Infant Formula is not a substitute of Mother Milk’

Staff Reporter

“Punjab Food Authority Infant Formula Marketing Regulation 2017” has been enforced throughout the Punjab in order to control the issues about infant formula.
PFA will not give more space to infant formula manufactures, distributors and other business operators to play with the lives of innocent children.
According to recent regulation 2017, any company cannot sale and promote their products of Infant formula in the premises of any hospital and maternity clinic even its surrounding area. It is completely banned on its promotion. Medical stores will provide infant formula products only on the prescription of the doctor along with sellers also fix label in a shop stating “Infant Formula is not a substitute of Mother Milk”.
Companies will be bound to label “It is not a substitute of Mother Milk” on 15 precent area of product as per Punjab Pure Food Regulation 2017. PFA teams keep rights to launch FIR against violators/ accused under the power of regulation. Companies will label companies shall be mentioned list of ingredients on their products along with formula should be labelled as Halal product. The sale of infant formula will be banned at grocery and general stores after two months.
Director General PFA Noor ul Amin said that the objective behind of this regulation is to promote the breastfeeding in society and to overcome the food safety issues. Breastfeeding will help to reduce the risk of allergies and diseases.

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