Ineffective policies against terrorism

Naushaba Abid
Via Email

The wave of terrorism has once again hit this country with full blow. I wonder how these terrorists have that much power in entire country from Peshawar to Balochistan. The so-called enemy comes and kills people so easily at anytime anywhere. After Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar no body has ever thought it could happen in interior sindh. It seems as if this poison of terror is injected in these peaceful as well as backward places to achieve heinous goals. The alarming question is that are we so easy to be targeted? After all the war against terrorism and policies we are trying to implement for years against terrorism. Security forces have fought against terrorism. The most notable is the Zarb-i-Azb. Are all these in vain? Is this National Action Plan failed to achieve its purpose ie eradication of terror, how does the element of terror get more powerful after sometime and hits more strongly than the last one at particular times. We have to acquaint ourselves with the fact that terrorism has no borders. The common perception people have about this nowadays is that terrorists are coming from beyond the border. For instance, I agree that they are coming from beyond the border. The next question is why? The answer is to sabotage peace. The next question is how they get success? The answer is our failed polices. It is our failure to cope with terrorism. The political parties and security forces altogether failed to protect citizens. It is time to admit failure and change the policies or wait for more to happen. It is significant to note that from wherever these violent forces or terrorism coming they are residing with us and they survive with freedom with us because of our failure and let us remind ourselves that terrorists claim responsibility that they did the act with more confidence because they don’t feel fear. They don’t fear your policies against terrorism because they are not effective.

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