Indo-Afghan nexus

PAKISTAN, on Friday, expressed concern over nexus of Afghan and Indian spy agencies for fuelling militancy inside Pakistan. In a rejoinder to accusations about presence of terrorist safe havens, Foreign Office spokesperson reminded the world about foreign elements exploiting the situation and using Afghan soil against Pakistan, in particular, and the region, at large. He also referred to the activities of Indian RAW and Afghan NDS in destabilizing Pakistan.
As the spokesman was expressing concern over unabated Indo-Afghan interference in Pakistan, General James Mattis, Donald Trump’s pick for US Defence Secretary, in a written submission to the Senate Armed Services Committee ahead of his confirmation, stated that he would tell Islamabad the need to expel or neutralize externally focused militant groups operating with impunity within the country’. It is this lopsided approach that is the one of the fundamental reasons of unending chaos and conflict in the region. The United States has always been demanding of Pakistan to do more despite the fact that the country has suffered huge losses of $100 billion in the war against terror besides loss of thousands of precious lives. Pakistan has achieved much in the fight against terrorism as compared to all other countries including the United States, which has miserably failed to restore peace and security in Afghanistan despite all kinds of resources at its disposal. As against this, Pakistan has been fighting the war successfully despite limited resources and at the cost of its own security, stability and economic well-being of the people. Pakistan’s successes are speaking for themselves but even then Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa took Commander of Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan General John Nicholson to North Waziristan a few days back where he himself had a firsthand knowledge of what has been done and appreciated the indiscriminate Zarb-e-Azb. We believe that instead of putting undue pressure on Pakistan, the United States should better restrain India and Afghanistan from meddling into the internal affairs of Pakistan. Pakistan has provided evidence of their involvement in terrorist activities inside Pakistan to the UN Secretary General as well as other influential members of the international community including the United States. Besieging of Pakistan Embassy in Kabul by supporters of ex-NDS chief on Friday was yet another testimony of Indo-Afghan nexus. The war on terror would have been taken to its logical conclusion by now if there was no Indo-Afghan nexus to undermine the efforts of Pakistan.

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